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Configuring your own Google Merchant product feed

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You can setup your own Google Merchant Product Feed within SEO-Cart. To do this, you must first create a Google Merchant Account and sign to it at and perform the following steps for configuring your own Google Merchants Product Feed:

  1. Once logged in to Google Merchant Center, add your account for your website. You may refer to Google Merchant Center support for help creating an account and setting up your account.
  2. Once your account is setup, you must verify and claim your website URL if you haven't done so already. You may refer to Google Merchant Center support for help to verify and claim your website URL.
  3. Register a new data feed for your account. You may refer to Google Merchant Center support for help registering your data feed. Make sure you data feed filename is all one word with no spaces in it. Example: yourstorename.txt
    a. Your data feed format must be set to "google base".
    b. Your data feed filename must match your SEO-Cart Google Base Data Feed name found in your SEO-Cart account under Configure->Store Settings->Google Base Settings. If you do not have a data feed name set, you can set it to something like: yourstorename.txt. Do not include spaces in your data feed name.
  4. Important feed settings: Once your data feed is registered, you must go back in to Google Merchant Center->Feeds and edit the data feed to verify the following settings are set:
    a. Feed format: googlebase
    b. File format: Autodetect
    c. Encoding: UTF-8
    d. Delimiter: Autodetect
    e. Use Quoted Fields: Yes
  5. Create an FTP account by clicking the Settings link, then click FTP. Enter a username and password for your FTP account and click Save Changes. You can refer to the Google Merchant Center support for help creating a Google FTP account.
  6. Once your FTP account is created, you must configure it within SEO-Cart. To do this, login to your SEO-Cart account and go to Store->Generation. Under the Google Merchant Feed Generation section, enable the checkbox for "Use custom Google Base account" and enter the Google FTP username and Google FTP password that you previously set.
  7. Once all steps above are completed, within SEO-Cart at Store->Generation->Google Base Generation click the "Generate Google Base Feed" button.
    a. Note: The Google FTP account creation may not take effect for several hours. If you can't log in to our FTP server right away, please try again later. Additionally, once you create your FTP account, you can't change your chosen username (login).
  8. Login to your Google Merchant center and make sure you configure both your Tax and Shipping settings. These are account-level settings and not product level settings. See more information about Tax & Shipping settings within your Google Merchant Account. Your products within your feed will not process successfully until this is done. Setup your account-level Google Merchant Tax & Shipping Settings.
  9. Once your feed is setup and uploading properly, we will automatically submit your feed to Google for you once a day so that your products are up to date and never expire.

These are the steps you must take to setup your own Google Base account. Once setup, we will automatically upload your latest product data feed to Google Merchant center once a day to ensure your feed does not expire and that your products are up to date. You may also manually upload your product data feed by following step #7 above.

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