Ecommerce Add-on Services

Cirkuit Commerce integrates with many services to help build a home for your business on the web.  Below are some of our featured services.  For more information or any questions regarding Cirkuit Commerce contact [email protected]

Web Blog Service

A blog is a proactive marketing tool that allows you to bring closer attention to your products, services, and company. Use your blog to communicate with all the people your company comes in contact with. Offer quality content to back up your claims about your products, services, and company, and people will pay attention. View more about Web Blog Service

Web Based Live Chat

Enable Real-time instant chat communication with your website visitors. Interact with your visitors to provide higher level of customer support, up-sell products, assist in purchase decisions and offer that human touch to help you stay head of competitors. The live chat system will be seamlessly integrated into your website design look and feel. View more about Web Based Live Chat

Extra Disk Storage Space

Each Cirkuit Commerce plan allows for different disk storage space. Additional resources are available for your website if necessary and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Additional Disk Storage Space:

  • If you're reaching your storage limit, you can upgrade your storage space for a monthly fee.
    Additional Storage Space Monthly Rate
    Disk Storage Space $1.00 per GB
  • Email storage is included as part of your allocated disk space determined by your Cirkuit Commerce plan. Most carts do not host email, Cirkuit Commerce does for our clients, which is why we do not offer unlimited disk storage space.

Additional Website Services

Database Conversion - $300 - We will take your current e-commerce shopping cart database and transfer your existing products, categories, customers, orders, and other information into your new Cirkuit Commerce account.

Website Maintenance - $100.00/hr* - An Cirkuit Commerce developer will setup your products, customize your template, or do other general website updates for your store.

Custom Programming - $150.00/hr* - We build custom solutions to fit your unique needs that seamlessly integrate with your website.

*Both the Website Maintenance and Custom Programming services are billed in 15 minute increments.

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