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In addition, your company blog has the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website. You can link the two together, or even better make your blog a major feature of your company website. Blogs also encourage more inbound links and offer fresh optimized content, the two key factors in climbing up the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Blogging is the best tool any business can use to build a community around their products and/or services. As we are overwhelmed with various advertising and marketing information in our daily lives we seek trustworthy ways of filtering it. Create a company blog, allow it to grow, and participate in the postings and comments. Use your company blog as a tool to encourage participation and grow your business.

The more dynamic your company is in its marketing interaction, the more likely you are to create loyal customers. There is no better customer relationship management tool than a company blog.

Blog Features

Cirkuit Commerce can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular blog platform available today from WordPress. The WordPress blog platform includes these main features:

Easy Management:

  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Post anything from articles to photos
  • Comments and trackbacks posted
  • List articles and photos within a category
  • List by most recent articles and organize in archives
  • Option to delete one or more articles, comments or trackbacks

Convenient Tools:

  • Rich-text editor. How it appears on your screen is how it will publish on the web
  • User-customizable default posting settings
  • Receive emails each time a comment is posted
  • Comment posters can be notified when someone replies to their comments

Additional Benefits:

We add these additional features to your Cirkuit Commerce account when you use our blog service

  • Unlimited blog users
  • No commercial ads – Your blog will be completely Ad-Free
  • Utilize your existing company domain, such as www.mycompany.com/blog

Blog Service Pricing

Recurring cost - $10.00/month – Includes additional database, custom installation, and separate blog login URL.

One time setup fee - $99.00 – Your blog will be fully integrated into your custom website template. Any design changes beyond website template look, or any additional graphics added to the blog setup may incur additional fees.

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