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E-commerce Content Management System

What is the CMS (Content Management System) used for?

The CMS gives you the ability to manage all pages of your website yourself with no programming knowledge required, including your store categories and products, and any non-ecommerce (non-store) pages.

What is the cost for the CMS?

We include the CMS service at no additional cost to you to manage your store categories and product pages, and the following (non-store) pages of your website:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sales & Returns Policies
  • Links/Resources
  • Sitemap
  • Website Search

These pages are managed outside of the Cirkuit Ecommerce software using the CMS. Additional (non-ecommerce) pages beyond the 8 maximum pages included under the Managed CMS service plan require a monthly subscription from one of the paid CMS plans below

What else can I do using the CMS?

Manage an image gallery, video gallery, news and announcements section, customer survey, website forum, FAQ's pages, store locator, and other pages that you can think of (Monthly CMS service fee and one-time setup fees apply. See CMS plans and pricing below).

CMS Service Plans

  Managed Lite Plus Pro Premier Platinum

Plan Pricing

Included at no additional cost






CMS Web Pages

Up to 8 pages

Managed + 10 pages

Managed + 25 pages

Managed + 50 pages

Managed + 100 pages


Please note: Web hosting is provided if used in conjunction with a Cirkuit E-Commerce Plan.

Cirkuit CMS Design Elements:

  • Image Gallery (numerous layout options)
  • Streaming Media (embedded audio/video/YouTube player)
  • Form Designer (i.e. Contact Us, Testimonials)
  • Store Locator (Google Map integration, supports multiple locations)
  • Social Media Feed (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud integrations)
  • Website Popup / Overlay
  • Featured Products
  • Auction
  • PDF Viewer
  • Survey
  • Website Forum
  • Controlled Login File Access
  • Tabs / Accordion
  • Sitemap
  • Custom Plugin Work - $150.00/hourly

Cirkuit CMS Features:

  • Picture Upload
  • Customer Surveys
  • Custom Editing Fields
  • WYSIWYG Easy-to-Use Text Editor
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • Automatic 301 URL Redirects
  • Automatic XML Sitemap
  • Custom META Keyword Tag Field
  • Custom META Description Tag Field
  • Secure Password Protected System
  • Full User Control to Add, Modify and Delete
  • The Cirkuit CMS System is customized to fit your website


Here are just a few benefits your online business can gain by using the Cirkuit Networks CMS:

  • Reduce costs of site maintenance
  • Streamline authoring process
  • Greater consistency
  • Increase site flexibility
  • Support remote authoring
  • Quick turnaround time for new pages and changes to your site
  • Ability to create custom CMS plugins based around your business needs
    (Creation of new custom CMS plugins - $150.00/hourly)
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