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Managed Templates provide an easy to use interface for customizing your website template.  With only a few mouse clicks your can change the layout, styling, or content of your website template.  


The Managed Template Editor

To open the Managed Template Editor, go to the Content Editor section of the back office.  Mouse over the "Template Settings" in the top right corner to display a drop-down menu.  Select Edit Template to show the Manage Template Editor Dialog.

Click Edit Template from the Template Settings menu to show the Managed Template Editor

After clicking Edit Template from the Template Settings menu, the Managed Template Editor window will appear on the page.  You can move this window around by clicking and dragging on the top of the window.  To close the Managed Template Editor click the X in the top right corner.

The Managed Template Editor Window.
Click and drag the top to move the window.  Click the X to close.


Using the Managed Template Editor 

The Managed Template Editor allows your to edit 3 different parts of your template: Layout, Style, and Regions.  Click one of the 3 buttons in the Managed Template Editor for more options on editing that part of the template.  The 3 parts are described in more detail below.  Further information about each of these parts can be found in the Related Support Topics section at the bottom of this page.

Edit Template LayoutTemplate Layout

The template layout defines the layout and structure of the webpage.  This includes the number of columns, the width of the header, and location for page content to be displayed.  You may select from one of several pre-defined layouts for your template.

Edit Template StyleTemplate Style

The template style determines the color scheme, fonts, and text-sizes of your website template.  A handful of pre-defined styles are available to choose from or styles can be customized to give your site a unique look and feel.  Advanced users my customize the style sheet code here.  For more information about editing the style see the "Editing Template Style" article below.

Edit Template RegionsTemplate Regions

Template regions are the content that gets displayed in the template, such as store name, logo, or site navigation.  The location of regions are determined by the layout you have selected.  Each template region has its own set of options to configure what gets show in that part of the template. For more information about editing regions, see the "Editing Template Regions" article below.

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