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Each page on your website consists of 2 separate parts: the Page Content and the Template.

Your template will define the overall look and feel of your entire website.  A template will be used on multiple pages and specifies how the page content should be presented.  The template remains the same for each page on your website and the page content displayed will change for each webpage.  Example page content could be an image gallery created in the Content Manager or a product page for your SEO-Cart store.  The template may include your site navigation menu, company logo, or other items that are shown of every page of your website.


Page content is highlighted red on the sample webpage above.
The template area is highlighted green on the page.


Previewing and Editing Website Templates

Within the Content Editor you can preview and modify your website template.  Mouse over the "Template Settings" button in the top right corner to see more template options.  

The Teplate Settings menu is located in the top right corner of the Content Editor.
Mouse over the Template Settings button to show more options.

The "Template Preview" menu allows you to preview your site at various resolutions.  For accounts with Mobile Website enabled, you can also preview the mobile version of your website by selecting one of the "Mobile Views."  Select "Edit Template" button to show more options for editing your template.


Website Templates

There are three main types of templates that you can customize for your website: Custom Website Templates, Managed Website Templates, and SEO-Cart templates.  The website template may be edited in the Content Editor.

Managed Website Templates

Managed templates are the easiest way to configure the look and feel of your website.  Select from a variety of predefined layouts and styles to personalize your website template.  Refer to the Managed Website Template documentation below for more information.

Custom Website Templates

A custom template is for advanced users who wish to customize the HTML used on their website template.  Custom templates are not available to trial users.  Refer to the Custom Website Template documentation below for more information.

SEO-Cart Templates

Several additional templates are available to websites using SEO-Cart.  These templates customize the look of your store's product, category, and sub-category pages.  Refer to the documentation below for more information.

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