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The only people who know your products better than you are your customers. Making sure that customers get what they need from your eCommerce store is important and SEO-Cart makes it easy.

How can SEO-Cart help?

Whenever a customer views a product on your site, SEO-Cart will automatically recommend other products that customers have also bought with that product in your store. These recommendations are uniquely tailored to your store and are built directly from your order statistics.

SEO-Cart's Automatic Related Products

SEO-Cart’s Automatic Related Products

This feature is enabled by default for all new stores. SEO-Cart also gives you the flexibility to manually set related products. This setting can be found in the SEO-Cart Back Office under Configure > Product Page Template > Related Products Options with the option “Automatically generate related products from order data if available”

Because this information is generated automatically, you are free to focus on providing the best products and experience for your customers. SEO-Cart’s automatic related products make your store more intelligent so you can work smarter, not harder.


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