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Enabling Endicia Shipping Labels and USPS Tracking Numbers

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SEO-Cart allows you to print US Postal Service shipping labels via the Label Server service. 

I do not have an account and need one

Easy! Click here to sign up for a new account. All you need is the ELS Label Server Basic plan.

I already have a current Account

If you already have an account, using Dazzle or some other service, you will need to contact Endicia and switch your service to the "ELS Label Server Basic" and let them know you're using SEO-Cart.

Once you have updated your Endicia account to use the Label Server, you can proceed to the next steps for setting up your Endicia account within SEO-Cart.

Setting up within SEO-Cart

You must already have US Postal Service shipping enabled and properly configured in SEO-Cart to continue. Perform the following steps to set up an account within SEO-Cart.

  1. Once you have your account, you will be provided with an AccountId and a PassPhrase.
  2. Login to SEO-Cart and go to Configure->Shipping Settings->US Postal Service
  3. Click the "Enable USPS Print Shipping Label through" and click the "USPS Endicia Settings" link.
  4. Enter your provided Endicia AccountID and Endicia Passphrase and submit your changes.
  5. If this is your first time setting up Endicia with SEO-Cart, Endicia will force you to change your PassPhrase within SEO-Cart for security measures.
  6. Click the "Change Endicia Passphrase" checkbox.
  7. Enter your current password and choose a new password.
  8. Submit your changes.

Once Endicia has been enabled and setup successfully, you will have the ability to print your Endicia shipping label when viewing your orders within SEO-Cart.

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