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Enabling UPS Shipping Labels and Tracking Numbers

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The UPS Shipping Label features allow you to print shipping labels, void shipments, and email the customer tracking information for your UPS shipments directly within SEO-Cart. In order to use these services, you must be certified by UPS. SEO-Cart has a built in UPS Certification Suite which allows you to easily submit your certification request to the UPS technical support team.

To start using the UPS Shipping Label features, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your SEO-Cart account and go to Configure->Shipping Settings and turn on the checkbox for "Enable UPS Print Shipping Label / Tracking Number Notification" under the UPS shipping merchant settings.
  2. Click the "UPS Ship API Certification" link.
  3. You will be taken to the UPS Ship API Certification Suite page. Click the “Submit” button to get verified by UPS (can take up to two business days).
    • Note that you must be certified by UPS to print shipping labels and generated tracking numbers directly within SEO-Cart. Submitting the UPS API Certification Suite will automatically send an email to UPS for them to approve your certification request.
  4. Once you receive an email from UPS, you can then generate and print your shipping labels by viewing an order within SEO-Cart and by reviewing the “UPS Shipping Label” form.
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