The Growing Importance of Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is becoming more relevant and important as the number of mobile users is significantly growing. Google recently made a post on June 11th, 2013 stating the importance of mobile search engine optimization and that they plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address websites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.

This update may be bad news for some people, but not for SEO-Cart users. SEO-Cart’s template management system uses top-notch mobile technology to serve a separate mobile template to smartphone users instead of a responsive main template for non-mobile users. Content on mobile devices and non-mobile devices use the same page URL, so there is no need to use redirects or subdomains to serve mobile content which can complicate things. Having a separate, customizable mobile template can also help achieve must faster page load times. 

Here is Google’s list of common mistakes on smartphone websites:

  • Unplayable videos
  • Faulty redirects
  • Smartphone-only 404s
  • App download interstitials
  • Irrelevant cross-linking
  • Page speed

SEO-Cart is mobile friendly and we are aware of these common mistakes and already have solutions to all of these points:

  • Videos served to smart phone users are served using HTML5 standard tags instead of Flash formatted files.
  • Mobile pages have the same page URL as non-mobile pages so there is no need to do redirects, smartphone-only 404s, or irrelevant cross-linking.
  • SEO-Cart’s template system serves a separate mobile template instead of the main non-mobile website template which allows us to not have to load unneeded javascript, CSS, and HTML code. This significantly helps with page load times.

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