Increase E-commerce Conversion Rates with Abandoned Shopping Cart Notifications

If you run an online store, it is a fact that you will eventually have someone abandoned their shopping cart. There are two levels of shopping cart abandonment:

  1. Customers who add items to their shopping cart without logging in to their account or entering any customer information.
  2. Customers who add items to their shopping cart, proceed to checkout by entering their name, email address, etc, and abandoned their cart.

The latter type is what we’re primarily focused on for this particular post. Their shopping cart can be abandoned for many reasons:

  • Comparison shopping
  • Invalid shipping or billing information
  • Got distracted and forgot about their order

Luckily, SEO-Cart supports the ability to send an email reminder to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. Within the Abandoned Shopping Cart Notification settings, you can configure how many days to wait to send the customer an email reminder to return to their cart. You can also customize the header and footer of the email for a personalized touch.

Already have an SEO-Cart account and interested in enabling the abandoned order notifications? Please refer to the following knowledge base article:

Enabling Abandoned Order Notifications

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