Accept payments online with Square Connect API v2

Square was originally used for accepting payments at your brick & mortar business locations only. They have never before allowed e-commerce transactions via an API… UNTIL NOW.

On March 30, 2016, Square released the Square Connect version 2 of their API which now provides a Transaction endpoint for online credit card processing.

Of course, to stay PCI compliant, you must embed their payment form on your website along with a small javascript library hosted by Square. Their new system utilizes a cryptographic nonce to pass back and forth for authorizing and capturing the customer’s credit card. In terms of security, the raw credit card information is never visible to any third parties.

The Square processing fees for an e-commerce transaction stay the same as long as the customer’s billing and shipping information is sent within the transaction’s charge request.

You can enable Square credit card processing for your website within our ecommerce platform. Just enter your Personal Access Token provided to you by Square and select your default location for your requests:
Enable square credit card processing for your website

See our Square knowledge base article for more information on enabling square credit card processing within our Cirkuit shopping cart platform.

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