Software Update – Marketing Newsletters Features

Cirkuit Commerce has released a software update that includes new features for the marketing newsletters.

With Cirkuit Commerce our clients can preview and send newsletters directly to customers.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Send FREE emails each billing period depending on your plan;
  • Send and conduct as many email campaigns as you like; and
  • Free email and phone support.

🔈 New Features | Marketing Newsletters  📧

At Cirkuit, we are constantly working hard at rolling out new features for our clients to utilize. With our latest update, you can now:

  • Store newsletters including the ability to clone, delete, and modify;
  • Send newsletters in batches of 50 every 5 minutes (added api processNewsletterCrontab);
  • Ability to schedule newsletters to be sent in the future;
  • Analytics: track opens/clicks;
  • Save newsletter so that it’s previewable in browser; and
  • Add newsletter header with view in browser link.

The main feature is that we send 50 emails every 5 minutes now instead of all at once. Hopefully, this will help with our spam scores. Tracking has also been implemented to show opens and clicks on the newsletter level.

Our web developers have big plans for future updates that would include glorified statistics with graphs. For the latest news on updates and features connect with us online and look for our next newsletter. 

Email Marketing | Newsletter Template Creation Service

Whether to let customers know of a sale, a new product announcement, or to share important company news a email newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your customers. 

Don’t have a marketing or tech department? No problem. Our software and staff act as your technical back-bone. With our Newsletter Template Creation service, we can create a template email newsletter that will compliment your company’s brand and messaging.

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