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Configuring Inventory Sync between SEO-Cart and Quickbooks

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SEO-Cart has the ability to automaically sync with your Quickbooks inventory. Inventory will automatically be added and subtracted from both SEO-Cart and Quickbooks when orders are placed or inventory levels are modified by hand in one plae or the other.

The following steps will help you set up SEO-Cart/Quickbooks Inventory Sync:

  • Open Quickbooks
    • Select the option in “File” -> “Switch Company File to Multi-User Mode” if it’s not already (note, different versions of Quickbooks may have this setting elsewhere)
  • Log in to your SEO-Cart store online
    • Follow these steps to add a computer to your QuickBooks Sync settings in SEO-Cart:
      • Enable Quickbooks Inventory Sync in “Store Settings”
      • Navigate to “Inventory Levels”. Click the “QuickBooks Sync” button at the top.
        • Download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector from Intuit (click the link on the page)
        • Fill out the fields to add a new computer.
          • Nickname – can be anything. Used as a reference for you only.
          • Company File - leave this blank for now. We can submit this later when we get this information from Quickbooks
            • For reference though:
              • Computer Name – As configured in Windows
              • Company Data – As configured in QuickBooks (Usually in the title-bar when you open the file in Quickbooks)
          • Map SEO-Cart Data to QuickBook:
            • Different versions of QuickBooks use different labels, so you need to link the data in QuickBooks to the data in SEO-Cart (i.e. “Inventory” in SEO-Cart may map to “Quantity On Hand” OR “Quantity On Order” in your QuickBooks setup. You need to map these fields)
              • Important: SKU, Inventory, and Attribute fields MUST be set correctly. The SKU and Attributes must match exactly in SEO-Cart and in Quickbooks (spelling, spacing, punctuation, etc).
          • Configure First Sync settings
            • When synchronizing quickbooks inventory to seo-cart’s inventory, the first time that product is matched (on SKU and attributes), you need to decide which inventory level to use by default.
              • Example: if you have a product with an inventory of 2 in SEO-Cart and 5 in Quickbooks, and the correct inventory is in Quickbooks (5), then select the option to “Use only QuickBooks inventory” (you can also sum the two inventories, making the total inventory 7, and more)
          • Logging and Reporting
            • Set the Logging Level to “Basic” to get things setup initially, and put your email address in all fields to receive the results. Doing this, you get a summary of the sync results (what inventories were changed and where). Once things are up and running for a while, you may want to view less information by adjusting the logging level, or turn off these emails altogether.
          • From the “Configured Computers” section,  select the button to “Get QWC file for this computer” for the computer you just added
            • Open the file with Quickbooks Web Connector (it should do this by default when you open it or double click on the downloaded file)
            • Accept the security certificate (this keeps all of your info sent between QuickBooks and SEO-Cart encrypted and secure)
            • After a few seconds, you will be shown a list of computer to select as a QBPOS server. You should see your company listed there.
              • The info you see there is the “Company File” you want to open. You should copy this exactly to the “Quickbooks Company File” field in the Quickbooks Sync Settings in SEO-Cart (the info you left blank earlier)
              • Once the company file info is copied to SEO-Cart, NOW you can select it from the list in QuickBooks. This will add your SEO-Cart website to the web connector
  • Within the web connector, you need to select the options you want
    • “Auto-Run” – select how often you want to synchronize between SEO-Cart and Quickbooks (minimum of 120 minutes. SEO-Cart only allows synchronizing once every 2 hours)
    • Input your SEO-Cart password into the “password” field in the Web Connector (so the web connector can log in to query and update inventory). If asked, you probably want to save this password so you don’t have to input it every time you synchronize.
    • To synchronize immediately, within the Web Connector, press the button to “Select All” applications, then you can press the “Update Selected” button to start the sync.
      • You should get an email with the sync results. Use this and check your inventory levels in SEO-Cart and QuickBooks to verify inventory levels are correct.
      • Note that the quickbooks inventory may not show the inventory unless you refresh the view you are looking at. If you just click to edit the item, you can see the inventory immediately as well.
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