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Product Attribute Swatches

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Enable attribute swatches to show a clickable colored/labeled box for each available product attribute (i.e. for displaying colors, sizes, etc.). If a cusotmer clicks the colored/labeled swatch box, that option will be selected for checkout. Swatches give your customers a better user experience and offer more visual stimulation:

Enabling Attribute Swatches

  1. Login to SEO-Cart and go to Configure->Store Settings
  2. Scroll down to the "Product Attribute Settings" section.
  3. Enable the checkbox for "Enable attribute swatches"
  4. Click the Update button towards the bottom of the page.

Setting a Product Attribute Swatch

Once attribute swatches are enabled (referring to the steps above), you can then set them on the product level.

  1. Login to SEO-Cart and go to Store->Products
  2. Modify the product you want to set a swatch for or create a new product.
  3. Add the attributes (Size, Color, etc) to the product if not added already.
  4. Enable the "Set Attribute Swatch" checkbox within the "Product Attribute Settings" section.
  5. Select the swatch to be for a color (hexadecimal, image, or text) and set the swatch value.
    • Color swatches are good for solid colors (Blue, Orange, White, etc) that can be represented from the color picker (hexadecimal color code).
    • Image swatches are good for colors that cannot be represented by a single solid color (Black Stripes, Camouflage, Blue/White, etc).
    • Text swatches can be used for attributes that are not a color (Sizes, etc).
  6. Click the Update button towards the bottom of the page.
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