Integrated Shipping Options

Cirkuit integrates with many different shipping merchants so that your business can send products anywhere in the world. We proudly feature some of our closest partners.


Shipping Features

Print Shipping Labels

  • Print UPS Shipping Labels (GIF or EPL2/Thermal supported)
  • Print FedEx Shipping Labels (GIF or EPL2/Thermal supported)
  • Print USPS Shipping Labels with (GIF, PDF, EPL/Thermal supported)
  • Print USPS Shipping Labels with Endicia (GIF, PDF, EPL2/Thermal supported)
  • Print USPS Shipping Labels with VIP Parcel (PNG)

Powerful Shipping Tools

  • Set custom package dimensions (length x width x height) on a product level.
  • Specify number of packages and package dimensions based on quantity of a product purchased.
  • Enable shipping declared value, signature required options, or disable shipping on a product level.
  • Automated shipping/handling rates and tax calculations.
  • Accept International Orders.

Custom Shipping Options

  • Disable specific shipping methods in your store.
  • Set a shipping multiplier for each shipping method to increase or decrease the default shipping rate price.
  • Override shipping method name and price.

Shipping Specials

  • Offer free shipping to your customers on the product level, category level, or for your entire store
  • Set free shipping if your customer spends a certain amount in your store.
  • Custom shipping rates for customers with coupon codes.

Available Shipping Methods

Cirkuit will allow you to ship through 3rd party merchants along with the ability to create custom shipping calculations.

  • DHL
  • US Postal Service
  • Product Level Flat Rate
  • FedEx
  • Manual Shipping
  • Order Level Flat Rate
  • UPS
  • Rate Table Shipping
  • Custom Rates & Handling

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