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Category Pricing

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The category pricing tool allows to make bulk product price changes to products within specified categories or to your entire store. Increase or decrease products by a percentage or dollar amount and specify whether the price changes should affect all products, on sale products, or not on sale products. Also update only the sale price, original price, or both.
  1. Select Store->Categories under the SEO-Cart left navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the category you would like to make your pricing adjustments to and click the "Category Pricing" link.
    1. Note: If you would like to adjust pricing on all categories (your entire store), click the "Store Pricing" button towards the top of the category list page.
  3. Review the affected categories and configure your price setting adjustment.
  4. Click Continue to review the product price changes that will be made.
  5. If everything looks okay, click the Submit button in the bottom right of the page.

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