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Front-End Website Interface Overview

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The front-end interface is the store front that your shopper sees. SEO-Cart can be integrated in to a completely custom website front-end or you may choose to use a customized pre-made front-end website. The front-end website will be installed when you sign up for SEO-Cart. Because your front-end can be complete unique, some of the terms below might be slightly different from the information on your online store. However, reviewing the information below will give you a good understanding of how to configure your front-end website look and feel.
Header - The top header of your website is typically used to brand your store and give it its main identity. This section is a part of your Website Template and will be displayed on every page throughout your store.
Navigation - The navigation menu typically is displayed vertically, horizontally, or both, in your Website Template. Your navigation will contain static pages on your website, including the Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Ordering Information links. Your navigation will also display the categories (or departments) of your store. To customize your navigation, select Configure->Website Template->Navigation in SEO-Cart.
Main Content Area - The main content area of your website is where your store data and static content are displayed.
Shopping Cart - The shopping cart is where your customers can purchase the items they have added to their basket. From this area, the customer can change the quantities to order, remove items from their cart, calculate shipping prices, and checkout.
Search - This is the area used to search your online store. The search engine will match results for the product name, product description, product sku, and keywords. When the search results are displayed, many options are available to help your customers more easily find what they are looking for. These features include Sort By Relevancy, Price, Alphabetically, and Date. Your customer can also choose to view the search results by List or Grid view.
Mailing List - The mailing list section of your website is used for your customers to subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing list. If using a mailing list, it is typically located somewhere in your navigation.
Footer - The footer is displayed at the bottom of your website and is displayed on every page throughout your store. Your footer typically includes copyright information, additional links, phone numbers, etc.

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