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Configuring FedEx Shipping

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SEO-Cart supports FedEx Web Services to automatically calculate shipping rates and print shipping labels/email tracking numbers to customers. To enable FedEx within SEO-Cart, you must first have a FedEx account number. If you do not have a FedEx account number, you can contact FedEx or visit to obtain your account number.

Once you have a FedEx account, you can perform the following instructions to obtain your FedEx Web Services Production Credentials, which include your FedEx Authentication Key, Password, and Meter Number.

Creating your account at

  1. Go to The FedEx Developer website at and register for a new FedEx Developer account.
  2. Once your account is created, we need to obtain our Authentication Key, Production Password, and Meter number by obtaining Production Access.
  3. Go to Technical Resources->FedEx Web Services For Shipping->Move To Production
  4. Once on the "Move To Production" page, scroll down and click the "Obtain Production Key" image.
    • Fill out the required information and make sure to request integration for "FedEx Web Services For Shipping"
    • When questioned, you do not plan on reselling the software and you are acting as a "Consultant"
    • When entering your Contact Information, your billing and shipping address must match the information that you have on file with FedEx.
  5. Once you have successfully finished filling out the forms to move to production, your Authentication Key will be displayed on the final step of the moving to production page. Your Production Password and Production Meter Number will be emailed to you. 
  6. Go to SEO-Cart->Configure->Shipping Settings->FedEx, enable the checkbox to "Enable FedEx Shipping Merchant" and enter your Authentication Key, Production Password, Account Number, and Meter number that was provided to you by FedEx.
  7. Update your Settings
  8. Go to your front-end website and test the shipping calculator by adding an item to your shopping cart and entering your postal code in the shipping calculator box. Rates should return properly without any errors.

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