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Customizing Product Reviews

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SEO-Cart allows you to customize product reviews. Product reviews are submitted by a customer from your website's product pages.  When a product review is submitted by a customer you will recieve an email with a summary of the review.  Once a product review is approved by you it will be shown on the product page. You can configure the fields that are required and displayed for a product review.

You can perform the following steps to customize the product review system:

  1. Login to your SEO-Cart account and go to Configure->Product Page Template.
  2. Scroll down to the "Product Review Settings" section
  3. Optionally set a header and footer to be displayed on the "Write a Review" page
  4. Specify which fields are required, optional, or off (not shown) on the "Write a Review" page
  5. Optionally specify a different name for either of the 2 product input fields
  6. Use the check-boxes under the "Product Page Settings" to toggle which review fields to show on the product pages
  7. Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save changes.
  8. Click the "Regenerate Store Now" button at the top of the page to update your store.
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