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Adding or Removing a Custom URL in your XML Sitemap

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You can perform the following steps to add or remove a custom URL to your XML sitemap within SEO-Cart.

  1. Login to your SEO-Cart account and navigate to Store->Generation
  2. Scroll down to the XML Sitemap Generation section and enable the checkbox for "Include Custom URLs in XML Sitemap".
    • If you do not see an "XML Sitemap Generation" section then you likely need to enable the XML sitemap capabilities. To do this, navigate to Configure->Store Settings and scroll down to the XML Sitemap Settings section. Once there, enable the checkbox for "Enable XML Sitemap Capabilities" and update your settings.
  3. To add a custom URL, click the "Add Static URL" button and enter your full URL (example: If you are removing a custom URL, click the "Remove" link next to the URL you would like to delete from your XML sitemap.
  4. Click the Update XML Sitemap button.

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