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SEO-Cart has been released!

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  • added PayLeap and SecureNet payment solutions for credit card processing
  • added ability to receive RMA Requests
  • added front-end customer account login system (must be enabled within your website template)
  • ability to issue full/partial refund for orders using Authorize.NET or Quickbooks Merchant Services
  • web cache improvements
  • hashed URLs for quicker browser performance
  • move attributes below product name on shopping cart front-end
  • ability to set manual tracking number when modifying an order within SEO-Cart
  • change order status text "Reviewed" to "Processed"
  • collapsible main navigation sections
  • display paypal error codes and short descriptions in abandoned orders
  • allow custom text labels next to checkout fields (name, address, phone, etc)
  • ability to authorize first and capture later for orders
  • added "Shipping Method" to available custom order export fields
  • ability to copy shipping/billing address in firefox (click clipboard and box slides down that is able to copy)
  • show "Top 20" states instead of "Top 10" in order statistics
  • ability to add description next to product level flat rate prices on product level, description to show next to price when item is added to cart
  • ability to set maximum order quantity
  • added AUTO_GENERATED_ORDER_SHIPPING_METHOD keyword to order email settings
  • added ability for free shipping method name to be change from "Free Ground Shipping!" to custom text within Miscellaneous Shipping Settings
  • add dynamic keyword on product page template layout for AUTO_GENERATED_PRODUCT_META_KEYWORDS (places keywords on page)
  • add ability for SEO-Cart back office product search to also include search results for hidden products
  • more various front and back office bug fixes and enhancements

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