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SEO-Cart has been released!

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  • Moved SEO-Cart to central Simfo system under /cirkuit
  • Added escort toolbar (bottom left corner) to switch between services
  • Remove iframe from SEO-Cart template, use file template system (removes double vertical scrolling)
  • Image manager and spell checker in WYSIWYG
  • Centralized WYSIWYG source javascript for easier updating
  • Added option for attribute filtering on subcategory pages
  • Updated documentation
  • Dynamic inventory checking on product pages
  • Removed top center dock
  • Digital download IE bug fix
  • Digital download reset for customer
  • Digital download email admin when downloaded
  • Fixed manual order bug - calculates shipping event when specified not to ship the order
  • Ability to change "Related Items" text on product page
  • Remove spaces after commas in auto generation of product and category meta keywords
  • Dynamic keyword support on order status change confirmation emails
  • Add "Postal Code" field on Store Settings page
  • Fixed bug for flat rate shipping not calculating in google checkout
  • Hide google checkout button if recurring billing items are in shopping cart
  • Add option to make company name required on checkout form
  • Ability to exclude shipping from a product if specified order quantity is met (only supported for UPS shipping)
  • Ability to set minimum quantity purchased on the product level, auto adjust quantity if set lower
  • Ability to set attribute SKUs
  • More various front and back office bug fixes and enhancements

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