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  • Updated back and front office to Jquery 1.9.1 and Jquery UI 1.10.1
  • Added support for Amazon Marketplace Web Service
  • Added ability to manage your own email accounts and email forwards
  • More user friendly and automated invoice system.
  • CMS HTML5 video support for streaming media content type, works on Apple/mobile devices
  • Added 2checkout credit card processing support
  • Added Transfirst credit card processing support
  • Added Payleap automated recurring billing
  • Added MyVirtualMerchant credit card processing support
  • Added Elavon Internet Secure credit card processing support
  • Ability to manually create gift certificates
  • Added front-end attribute filter list option and search by price option for subcategory template (only available with custom template, good for apparel)
  • Updated Code Mirror inline code editing
  • Upgraded jzebra thermal printing library
  • Added ability to group and show products on category (parent) page
  • Added ability to specify attributes and minimum order quantity on product level discount/coupon code
  • Removed unnecessary noindex, nofollow, updated product page meta data, more front-end SEO updates
  • Update so when hiding/unpublishing a product, create a 302 (temporary) redirect from the old product URL to its subcategory page
  • Added CMS featured products best sellers option
  • Added ability to customize search results page
  • Added ability to delete all expired discounts in bulk
  • Ability for front-end search auto complete functionality
  • Added ability for customer to subscribe to out of stock items and receive automatic email notification when it comes back in stock.
  • Added setting to charge sales tax after discount has been deducted from subtotal.
  • Added ability to set and generate meta title, meta description, and meta keywords for Brands Category Page
  • Updated manual order system to select existing customer, ability to charge credit card.
  • Added ability to customize text/html displayed when no products existing within a subcategory.
  • Added ability to export shipping actual cost (from shipping label creation) when exporting orders
  • Added new fields for "Search Engine" and "Search Keywords" within order export
  • SEO-Cart: Added automatic "credit card type" selector during checkout. Dynamically show appropriate cvv2 image and text based on credit card type.
  • SEO-Cart: Added new tool so when a product or category image size changes or watermark changes, SEO-Cart gives the option to automatically scale all of the images to the new sizes.
  • Added mobile support
  • Added option to delete all assigned products when deleting a brand.
  • Added support for product attribute swatches and product attribute images
  • Many bugfixes

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