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How do I get more traffic to my website?

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Here is an example of a common email some people will receive from a solicitor or from a company that claims they will help your website with SEO:


As you may know, over the last few months Google has made major changes to it's search engine. This has affected a significant amount of websites, including yours. I've done an evaluation on your site and have found the following issues:

1. Bad Links
2. Duplicate Content
3. The coding of your website contains errors affecting your ranking.

Without updating your website to be compliant with these changes, you will continue to lose traffic and ranking.

Even though this email brings up a couple good points, they should be irrelevant this day and age because of the sophistication of software. SEO-Cart not only prevents bad links, duplicate content, and HTML/CSS compliant coding errors, but also provides much more tools and automation to help your website in the search engine.

SEO-Cart's algorithms constantly evolve to keep up with white book search engine optimization techniques and to provide new e-commerce features. If you do not have an SEO-Cart account, sign up today. If you already have an SEO-Cart account, here are some suggestions to help increase your presence in the search engines:

  1. Setup your website in Google Webmaster Tools to check for any warnings or errors on your website.
  2. Submit your products to Google via SEO-Cart and Google Merchant Center. You can refer to the following knowledge base article for configuring your Google Merchant Product Feed.
  3. Continue to set unique meta titles and meta descriptions for your categories and products.
  4. Setup an adwords account to experiment with some pay-per-click advertising. Be sure to link your Adwords account with your Google Merchant Center account to setup product ad listings and to help keep your advertising costs down and your conversion rates up.
  5. We work directly with search engine optimization and marketing specialists and can refer you to them if you're in need of a keyword research program or a large advertising campaign. Contact us for more information.

SEO-Cart will handle everything else for you, including search engine friendly URL taxonomy, 301 and 302 redirects, canonical URLs, rich micro-formatted data, meta tag generation, robots.txt, XML and HTML Sitemaps, optimal rel="nofollow" HTML attributes, RSS feeds, and more.

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