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How long does it take to get started?

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If you are new to e-commerce, it typically just takes one to two weeks to launch your e-commerce website with SEO-Cart. Some people have launched their stores even in matter of a few days after signing up.

Of course, the time frame will vary depending on what needs to be done and what all of your requirements are. If you are switching from an old shopping cart to SEO-Cart, we offer database conversion services from your existing e-commerce platform or you can easily import your products in to SEO-Cart using a spreadsheet. 

Other factors that you'll want to consider before launching your SEO-Cart store are:

  • Will you be manually adding your categories and products, importing them via a spreadsheet, or need to use our database conversion services?
  • Do you have a plan for what your website will look like?
  • With SEO-Cart you can easily create your own website template using our Template Editor.
  • If you already have specific HTML/CSS you want to use for your overall website, you can import this in to SEO-Cart's flexible template system.
  • We can convert your PSD/image website template to compliant HTML/CSS. See our design pricing page.

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