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Configure Authorize.NET

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Perform the following steps to accept credit cards on your website using Authorize.NET.

  1. Login to SEO-Cart.
  2. Go to Configure->Payment Methods.
  3. Click on the link.
  4. Enable the checkbox for "Enable credit card merchant for transactions".
  5. Enter (copy/paste) your API Login ID and API Transaction Key
    1. To obtain your API login and transaction key, you must have an active Authorize.NET account. If you do not have an account, sign up for one by clicking here.
    2. If you already have an account, login to it and go to Account->Settings->Security Settings and clicking on the API Login ID and Transaction Key link.
  6. Set your Authorize.NET payment type. Set to Authorize if you want to authorize the credit card when the order is made and capture the funds after the order has been marked as processed/shipped within SEO-Cart. Leave the Payment Type to Charge if you would like to authorize and capture the credit card funds right when the order is placed on your website.
  7. Update your settings.

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