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New Store Checklist

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The following steps must be completed to start selling online:

  1. Go to Configure->Store Settings and set the appropriate fields for your online store.
    • It is important to set all of your merchant settings such as your store name, address, etc. since these values are used in your front-end website.
    • Make sure you set your Admin Email address to specify where new order notifications get sent
  2. Go to Configure->Payment Methods and setup your payment processing system(s)
  3. Go to Configure->Shipping Methods and setup a shipping merchant to calculate shipping costs for your orders.
  4. If you collect sales tax, go to Configure->Tax Settings and setup your tax rates.
  5. Go to Configure->Order Page Settings and review all configuration options.
    • It is important to set your Order E-mail From Address field under the Order E-mail Settings section. This is the email address that your customers will see when SEO-Cart sends them their order receipts, order status notifications, tracking numbers, etc.
  6. Setup your Website Template and your Category, Sub-category, and Product Page Templates under the Configure->Website section.
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