SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are required to protect sensitive information on your website, such as personal information, credit card numbers, and passwords.

An annual fee is required for the SSL Certificate.



Security is a serious part of SEO-Cart so we require your store to have a valid SSL Certificate.

Learn more about SSL certificates.

Additional Upgrades

Web Blog Setup

$99 Setup fee, $10/month

Have a blog fully integrated with your website so you can publish regular updates that keep your customers informed about your business. Blogs also encourage more inbound links and offer fresh optimized content, the two key factors in climbing up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
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Live Chat Integration

$99 Setup fee, $19.95/month

Enable Real-time instant chat communication with your website visitors. Interact with your visitors to provide higher level of customer support, up-sell products, assist in purchase decisions and offer that human touch to help you stay head of competitors. The live chat system will be seamlessly integrated into your website design look and feel.
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