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Ecommerce FAQ

What makes Cirkuit Commerce different from the rest?

Customer support, flexibility, and expertise. There are many other shopping carts available, but with Cirkuit Commerce, you are getting a complete ecommerce solution to increase your online presence and successfully sell your products online. With Cirkuit Commerce, you get way more than the basics that other shopping carts have to offer. Since 2003, we have been successfully helping all types of businesses around the world with their e-commerce and website solutions. Click or call now to discuss your project with us directly. We'll help you get things configured properly for how you want your ecommerce website to be.

Do you have transaction fees?

No, unlike some other carts, you pay us the same if you sell 50 items a month or 100,000 items. Note that your payment processor (PayPal, Authorize.NET, etc.) will likely charge you a fee. Cirkuit Commerce does not force you to use a particular payment processing system. We give you the option to shop for the best payment processor for your business. Some options cost nothing monthly and simply take a 1% to 3% transaction fee per order. Some even give you a credit card swiper that plugs in to your computer or phone. You can switch your payment processor at any time. View all supported payment processors or talk to us for suggestions.

Is there an activation or setup fee?

No, if you use our integrated template, you can login and easily customize it yourself for free. If you would like to use an existing template or want a brand new template created for you, talk to us.

Do I have to pay extra for support?

No, we're always here for you if you need assistance. We offer support via phone, email, online chat, and an online ticketing system.

Am I under contract? Can I cancel easily?

Our plans are all month-to-month. You can cancel or change plans at any time.

Do you offer custom design and programming?

Absolutely. Talk to us about your project and we'll give you a fair quote.

Do I need to supply my own web hosting?

No, our monthly plans include hosting. You also get backups, layered security, software updates, email management, and live monitoring for no additional cost.

Do I need a domain name, such as "my-store.com"?

Yes, if you have a registered domain already, you can use it. If you need to reserve one, we can help you get it.

Do you offer discounts?

We have multi-store discounts available. We also frequently have specials for new accounts.

What does it "really" cost to sell online?

Great question. We lay it all out below in the Truth in E-Commerce Pricing table.

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