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Customers need to know they can get a hold of you if they have pre-order or post-order questions, or if they experience any problems with their order. One of the first things many online consumers look for when visiting an e-commerce website they have not visited before, is contact information should they need to get a hold of the merchant. For most online consumers it is a red flag to not order from an e-commerce website that does not provide at least an e-mail address or “Contact us” form, and for many they want to see a contact phone number as well.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Display your “Contact us” page link on your website where it is easy to see.
  • On the “Contact us” page provide your contact e-mail form and contact phone number(s).
  • To provide even more confidence for a potential online consumer provide your physical and/or mailing address.
  • If providing a phone number on your “Contact us” page, also place it in your website header or in the website template so that it is easy to see from any page on the website.

One last thing to instill confidence in consumers ordering from your website is to use the e-mail auto-responder feature in SEO-Cart to send an order confirmation e-mail when an order is placed. There is also an option to send an e-mail to the  customer when an order has been marked processed for shipping. Customers appreciate these communications and will be more inclined to purchase from you again if they feel that you are attentive to them.

The importance of an accurate product or service description cannot be overstated. As the internet has grown and people have become more comfortable with ordering online, it is an e-commerce website with accurate descriptions of their products and services along with high-quality images that stand the best chance of completing online sales. Provide as much information as possible, but within reason. Bullet points are good in a description if trying to point out particular features of a product or service. Also, be sure to use proper punctuation and spell check. Inaccurate product descriptions, or images that do not match the product the customer receives, could lead to returns and severely lessen the chance of return business from that customer.

On product images use the highest quality picture you can obtain. If taking pictures yourself use a good quality digital camera and set it to the highest resolution possible. When uploading pictures into SEO-Cart there is no need to resize them, SEO-Cart will automatically scale the picture down to fit properly on the product page while still maintaining the quality of the picture. Try to provide as many pictures of a product as is needed to accurately represent the product.


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